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To start off, let us differentiate between visualizers and verbalizers. Visualizers pursue to process a piece of information by visual means. On the other hand, verbalisers are more inclined to perceive data in linguistic formats. Since the world of the present day features more of the former as compared to the latter, it is important to recognise that the attention span of today’s audience is fleeting. Thus, to appeal to the customers, businesses need to invest more in advertisement modes that appeal to the eyes. Typically produced by advertising agencies, TVC, short for television commercials and corporate videos, are a set of films that allows businesses and organizations to use the vast reach of several broadcasting channels. Through airing on many TV channels, The Golden Gate provides your brand with a chance to showcase your products and services to the general audience. Our ability to create corporate movies that are more than just eye candy is what declares us as capable artists. Being aware of how corporate films and TVCs go beyond simple advertising tools, our experience in corporate video production is demonstrated by brand-focused stories that are something out of the ordinary.

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