Pandit Agarbatti

1. Brand Overview

Pandit Agarbatti was founded in 2007 and imparts the fundamentals of spirituality. Because they combine natural scents and other sacred ingredients, Pandit Agarbatti is captivating and powerful enough to refresh your mind, body, and soul. The brand, which promotes spiritualism, has a soothing impact on the soul. Because of its unwavering commitment to excellence and growth, the company has emerged as one of the nation's most potential fragrance manufacturers.

2. Added Value to Pandit Agarbatti With Golden Gate

Golden Gate has provided Pandit Agarbatti with simple but effective services and it keeps it on top with its quality work. For PR Estates, we have done performance marketing with

  • Google & Meta ads advertising (newspaper)
  • Production shoots
  • Branding across the countries.
  • Website development
  • Social media management
  • Search engine marketing
  • Collateral (stationary)
  • Content creation copy & articles
  • Design & Packaging

3. Brand position

Pandit Agarbatti's online presence resonates with its target audience, resulting in great conversion rates due to engaging content and product offerings. The Golden Gate's exceptional performance and optimization resulted in favorable outcomes, making its position organically in the competitive agarbatti market.

  • 100 clicks from double digits
  • Total impressions of 257
  • Increased their CTR to 13.2%
  • Enhanced brand position to 13.
  • Top performing keywords used for Pandit Agarbatti

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