My Care India

1. Brand Overview

My Care India is a platform that is created for you to find the best doctors, treatments, and medical facilities for your specific health needs. Their goal is to provide top-notch healthcare and medical services. They want to be the biggest healthcare provider in the country by offering reliable and efficient assistance.

2. Added value to My Care India with Golden Gate

Steps by Golden Gate to market My Care India:

  • Curated a 360-degree plan
  • Website development from zero to top
  • Well-researched plan for their SEO & SEM
  • Generate an ample amount of traffic,
  • Crafted their SMO plan
  • Increased lead generation with SMO and SME
  • Increased their brand awareness

3. Brand position

We Solidified My Care India position as a prominent player in the competitive medical facility bringing them

  • 1.85K clicks from single and double-digits
  • Total impressions of 181K
  • Increased its average CTR to 1%
  • Enhanced brand position to 32.1.

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