Mantra e-bike

1. Brand Overview

Mantra E-bikes make great rides that make your travels enjoyable and easy. They started in 2018 with a mission to make the future better, cleaner, and greener for the next generations. They aim to bring something new to the market to help fight global warming, and they believe creativity is essential for this.

2. Added Value to Mantra E-bikes With Golden Gate

Golden Gates has provided excellent services to Mantra E-Bikes through entire market research. Our strategy included:

  • Engaging content creation
  • Boosted their presence on Instagram and Pinterest
  • Increased their website traffic through strategic SEO
  • Developed a brand awareness plan

3. Brand position

Mantra E-Bikes is a strong player in the competitive E-Bike market. They've introduced 2 high-speed E-bikes. In the competitive e-bike market, we have given Mantra:

  • 4.25K clicks from single and double-digits
  • Total impressions of 50.5K.
  • Increased their CTR to 8.4%
  • Enhanced brand position to 21.1.

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