1. Brand Overview

Lensvilla delights in the potential of youthful discovery. It wants to inspire India's young to see without clunky constraints or outmoded looks. Lensvilla offers clear 180° vision and 20/20 eyesight, allowing you to enjoy every moment fully. It values quality, superiority, trust, and top values, which we represent exactly with every eye care solution. With extensive medical study, layout, and growth, we have designed contact lenses that improve your vision and motivate you to live a life of optimism and tremendous accomplishments.

2. Added Value to Lensvilla With Golden Gate

Golden Gate has served our quality services to Lensvilla and we have kept it on the top by utilizing

  • Performance marketing
  • Branding catalogue, brochure
  • Design & Packaging
  • Website development
  • Social media management
  • Search engine marketing
  • Collateral (stationary)
  • Content creation (copy & articles)
  • Creative poster
  • Post and production shoot
  • Organic lead and more.

3. Brand position

The brand's online demographic existence is strengthening its relationship with the target audience and increasing conversion rates. We secured maximum optimization for favorable outcomes, strengthening Lensvilla's position as a significant player in the extremely competitive eyesight market.

  • Resulting in 306 potential clicks
  • 30.2K total impressions
  • Boosted their CTR to 1%
  • Brought brand position to 34
  • Keywords to be used

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