Jindal Ecotex

1. Brand Overview

The Jindal Group, formerly Jindal Woollen Industries Limited, shook the Indian fabric sector and the marketplace of every responsible yarn maker with its unique business philosophy of constant enhancement, growth, and sustainability. The Jindal Group has received numerous honors and altered countless lives across India.

2. Added Value to Jindal Ecotex With Golden Gate

Golden Gate has offered Jindal Ecotex following extensive market analysis. We provide

  • Google & Meta ads
  • Website development
  • Social media management
  • Search engine marketing
  • Collateral (stationary)
  • Content creation
  • Creative posters and posts
  • Production shoots
  • Branding across the countries

3. Brand position

Our outstanding performance and optimization ensured positive outcomes, solidifying Jindal Ecotex's position as a prominent player in the competitive blankets and bedsheets bringing them:

  • 4.05K clicks from single and double-digits
  • Total impressions of 139K
  • Increased CTR to 2.9%
  • Enhanced brand position to 22.2.
  • The top-performing Keywords used for JET

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